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June 28, 2022, 09:43:24 am
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Getting Your Team Started

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Author Topic: Getting Your Team Started  (Read 217 times)
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« on: May 13, 2007, 08:48:56 pm »

We all need to be more mature on this forum and the sub-forums. we need to stop hating others, and stop spamming.

Yes the Cp game is for kids of all ages, but the forum is for people ages 13+, lets act like we are 13+ instead of 13-.

I ask that if you are starting a new team, please read the rules for the sub-forum. I have seen many duplicate threads here, and that is just not acceptable.

I am still helping many new teams start out, and I can see that it is helping.

If there is a team like yours, don't post in it saying stuff like "you copied me" just ignore it and make your team better, it is not up to you to decide if somone copied you or not. I ask that you just not post in the thread. give others the chacne to make a team, even if its like yours.

Team leaders, please inforum your membres if you have a one team only rule. There are a lot of new users that just join multiple teams, and that creates problems for the other teams.

We need to control our spamming, most of all. if you see spam. just report it and ignore it, there is a reason why there is a warning button on each user. Don't keep telling people that a thread is spam. JUST REPORT IT.

We also need to stop double posting, if you see someone double post report them. the first person that sees it can give them a warning, but everyone else just report them, non need to repeat what someone said.

RFS needs our help. please don't make this forum close.

and remember the BAMBI RULE:


sigs and avy's already advertise your team enough, so please don't advertise in another thread.

Getting your team started:
1. Pick A good name.------------------------13. Teams based on glitches--------------25. Recruitement
2. Pick a dress code------------------------- 14. Your Team Info------------------------26. Starting over
3. Pick ranks--------------------------- ------15. Your team
4. Advertising your team------------- ------16. Team Leaders
5. Getting your team organized------ ------17. Team Parties
6. Getting people to join--------------- -----18. Team Involvement
7. Having armies----------------------- -----19. Team Thread
8. Excluding people from your team-- -----20. Handing your team over
9. Member partisipation--------------- -----21. Perks
10. Numbers--------------------------- - ----22. Keeping members active
11. Updating your team thread------- - ---23. Member list(s)
12. Your Signatures and Avatars----------24. Team Forums

More will be added.

How To Get Your Team Started:
1. Pick A good name.
- Your name should be something catchy, maybe even funny so people remember it.
- Don't name your team based on items that come out, becuase items go away.

2. Pick a dress code
- Your dress code should be different than other team dress codes, and should be a recognizable look for your team.
- Many people have more than one dress code, I don't suggest that, because people will not see that you are all one team.

3. Pick ranks
- Not every team needs ranks, but it does need a leader at least. The leader should be you or someone who is responsible enough to stay active with the team.
- If you have a rank system, make sure you make it clear who has what rank.

4. Advertising your team
- Do not advertise in other team threads, that is a bannable offense.
- If you wish to advertise, you should make sigs and avys for your team.

5. Getting your team organized
- Many teams are not organized, by organized I mean that you should update your list of members regularly, or at least check your list to see that it is accurate.

6. Getting people to join
- Your team should be fun, and people should want to join. I don't reccomend having a team that is just based on one item, and revolves around the item.
- The best way to get people to join, is to recruit in the game. Many people will join that way.

7. Having armies
- Armies don't usually do well here. one reason is because there should be no rivalries between teams, and because many people don't see the game as an Army type game.

8. Excluding people from your team
- I don't recommend making a team that excludes anyone, ie. Beta hat clubs or clover hat clubs. You won't get any members that way.
- There are only a couple teams that let non-members join. I suggest letting non-members join.

9. Member partisipation
- Being in the team is not enough, your members should want to contribute to teh team as much as possible.
- Having group activities, or group contests within your team makes it more fun for members, especially when you have ranks.
- Invite your members to create fan art, sigs and avys for your team. Ans invite them to recruit people to the team.

10. Numbers
- A good team does not have to have many members, so long as the current members are active.
- A large group of members is very entertaining to see, and having them be more active is more fun.

11. Updating your team thread
- Its is important that you have a good team info page on your thread, in this page you should be able to access the member list(s) and anything else the team has to offer.
- For bigger teams, it is a good idea to have links to other pages (see Los Mariachis TEAM INFO)

12. Your Signatures and Avatars
- Your signatures and avatars should be an icon of what your team is about.
- many people like to put what their team looks like so they are more recognizable in the game.
- Having many sigs and avys made by your members is one way of not only having a variety that people can choose from, but also get your team involved.

13. Teams based on glitches.
- If your team is based on a glitch in the game, it is a good idea to have a mini tutorial or FAQ on your team info, showing everyone how to do the special action.

14. Your Team Info
- Make your team info as organized as you can. Typing with incorrect spelling and grammar makes it hard for people to read, and inturn noone will join.
- Having an organized info page doesn't mean having a lot of text. It is always a good idea to have team related Pictures or edits in your team info, so people can really see what you are about.
- Having a well decorated team info, along with an organized team info, will make more people want to join.

15. Your team
- The rules in this sub forum are that you can only have ONE team per person. If you want to experiment with teams, you can. However, you must have th epther team threads locked.
- Don't be discuraged if your team is not successful. The best thing to do is maybe join a team that is successful and see how they run their team.
- You should be proud of your team, don't make a team that you will not be proud of. If you're not proud of it, noone will be.

16. Team Leaders
- Having more than one team leader when you tsrat out is not a good idea. Most teams that start out with more than one leader end with one anyway.

17. Team Parties
- Your team parties should be well organized. All the information about the parties should go in your Team Info, or your first post of the thread.
- It is a good idea to make Invitation Pics, and post them every once and a while so people see them and plan to go to your parties.

18. Team Involvement
- You're team members should be invovled in your team, as well as in the team thread. If they are not, that usually means the appeal is no longer there. When this happens, it is usually a good idea to have a big party, or a big event that gets your members involved.

19. Team Thread
- When you make a team thread, name it well. There are many people who make threads like "new team". It is a good idea to have the name of yor team on the thread.
- Your team thread is where all of the action is. If you are not active there, you will miss a lot and people will feel neglected.
- Only post team related things in your team thread. Anything that does not concern the team is spam, and as a leader, you should not tolerate it.

20. Handing your team over
- If you are going to give your team over to someone you have two choices:
1. Close the current team thread, and have the new leader start over
2. Have the team remain in the thread, so long as your thread doens't turn into spam
- If you give your team over, make it clear who is the new leader, and if there is a new thread made, make it clear that they have your permission to do so.
- Once you give a team over, the new team leader should be able to use any pictures relating to the team, unless you say otherwise.
- Having a new leader does not mean you can just walk away from the thread, unless the new leader made a new threas. If the team remains in the original thread, it is your responsability to make sure there is no spam, and that the team is doing what they are supposed to be doing. Otherwise you can be held responsible.

21. Perks
- Making things for your team members is always a great way to make them feel appreciated.
- By having a variety of signatures and Avy's you can really make your team look fun.
- Perks are a great way to spread the word about your team, as well as keeping your team fun.

22. Keeping members active
- Many people like to join a team that is popular, but are then not very active. To help them become more active, you might want to give them something to do.
- Members are the best way to recruit more people, and they are also the best way of getting more artwork for your team.

23. Member list(s)
- Your member list should be updated regularly. Your list should also be very organized.
- If you have a large team, with a large list, it is a good idea to put the member lists in a different post, and put a link to that post in the team info


the code is [post= the number of the post] "member list [/post]

If you quote the post you will see a number in the URL, that is the post number.

- If you have a big list, it is a good idea to break the list down into smaller lists. Members like to see their names on the list, and making easier to find is better.

24. Team Forums
- Many people may want to make their own forum for their teams. Having a forum for your team could be fun, but it is not the best way to advertise your team.
- Most team forums are not very active, and get forgoten. I suggest you stay in your primary forum, weather it be here, or in other forums.

25. Recruitement
- The best way to recruite is to go on CP and make some friends and get them to recruite, however it is wise to always have something to write people down on incase you can't remember.
- People who want to join, usually want to be your buddy too. Because the buddy list is limited to 100 people, the members list is the next best thing.
- If you have people in your team dedicated to recruiting, make sure they have a list made so it is easier for you to add them. Also you might want to cross examin the lists to make sure you aren't adding the same people.

26. Starting over
- It is always ok to start over. Many teams don't last very long, and it is a good way to learn from your mistakes.
- If you want to start over, or make a new team you must first have your old team thread locked by a mod or admin.
- Having more than one team thread at the same time is against the sub-forum rules. It can actually get all of your team threads locked, and yourself banned.

There are many teams that don't make it past their first week. Most of that has to do with Organization and the Leader.

There has only been ONE team that has been here longer than 5 months, which is Los mariachis. This is why I wanted to help you guys out.

As team leaders, you should act maturely and not tolerate immaturity in your team. Lead by example. If someone makes a team like yours, don't get angry, just work harder.

Having a successful team takes a lot of effort both on the leaders part, and on the members'.

Please put your input in this thread, i think it will be good to keep it current. but please don't spam or double post. just give your input to making this forum run better

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