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June 28, 2022, 10:52:16 am
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How to Have a Good Party!

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Author Topic: How to Have a Good Party!  (Read 178 times)
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« on: May 13, 2007, 08:50:28 pm »

This thread will tell you HOW to throw a party just as you want it to be thrown by giving you good tips and pictures to tell you how it should work.


1. First off, we need a reason.

Most Party's are thrown for reasons. Example: A christmas party, a St-Patrick's day party ect.

Once you've got that party theme. You need a good title to you're Thread. Make it a name to attract people.

-Here is a BAD example: im throwing a party soon for christmas.

-And here is a GOOD example: Snow is throwing a CHRISTMAS PARTY!! (fun,laughs garanteed)


2. Second of all, we need a fixed date, time and server.

We've now got a club penguin time zone, so plan that time on a date FIX. do NOT change your date of the party, many people will get mixed up.

Plan you're party and make a thread minimum ONE WEEK before the party will be really thrown, and TWO WEEKS maximum, if it is more the two weeks, the thread will basically die, and everyone will forget.

The Server is very important also. do NEVER EVER make a party were a server is most of the time full, like mammoth. Why? Because lets say you're party is at 5:10PM And you wanna open it at 5:09PM, well you might go and the server will be full, and you will not be able to enter it, and neither will other penguin's that wanted to go to you're party. So you're server must be chosen as a quiet server where it is not to populated so everyone can go in you're party no problemo.

##Thanks to Gamerboy for this extra information##:

In addition to the penguin time zone, you can also mention multiple times such as GMT (most people know their timezone in relation to GMT) and other American time zones. Just make sure you say what time in which one,

Now when you are choosing your time, make a sensible time and think about what type of people do you want to come. For example holding a party at 5PST is a bad idea if you want UK people to be able to attend (unless they come on at 1am). For this try doing a weekend day as people will be able to come on at a variety of times.


3. Details

In you're thread, dont just write that you're having a party and thats it.

You need to give a sneek peek of the party, or might aswell show a picture of the igloo you have so it can attract more and more people wanting to come to you're party. Give more details like what are you guys going to do? Party,dance,chat,play games, ect.

4. Attractions.

When you are showing a picture of you're igloo, and how it will be when the party launches. You need to give some effort to you're igloo and try the best it can be so it can be a perfect party place.


A bad igloo:

A good igloo:

Just to tell you, there is a big diffrence. So try you're hardest on building you're party.


5. a MUST have.

Here are the list of stuff you MUST have in you're party for it to be the biggest and meanest party ever!

1. Dance Floors (to dance)
2. Music (to dance on the dance floors)
3. Food (to eat)
4. Speakers (makes it look fake having music without speakers)
5. Ballons (Makes a party look more like.. a party!)
6. Tv's (Just for the look of it)
7. Get a jukebox instead of a stereo, (Makes it have more style with the dance floors)

Those are the MUST have.


These are the basics ONLY of what you're thread should have:


(picture of you're igloo here)

When: (date and time here)

Where: (server here)

Why: (the reason why you are throwing a party, this can be a reason like christmas, easter ect.)

What will there be: (what are we gonna do there and what is going to be there?? Example: We will have 4 dance floors with a jukebox, amazing hot music and full of tv's with crazy lights and food!
We will be playing the "follow the leader" game and dance and chat, basically have fun!)


Now most importantly, have fun and don't worry if not many people come to you're party. Just make another one about a month later or so and just try harder to get more people!

Good luck! Hope this thread helps!

Made by: << Snow
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