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Keep Your CP Account Safe

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Author Topic: Keep Your CP Account Safe  (Read 351 times)
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« on: May 13, 2007, 08:44:15 pm »

How To Keep Your Penguin Account Safe

1. NEVER share your password.

If you own a penguin account in Club Penguin, it is your responsibility to keep your account information private and secure. NEVER share your password with your friends and never save your password on public computers. It is NOT a good idea to share penguin accounts with friends. A penguin is held responsible for its actions online, so it is best that only you (the account owner) has access to the penguin. Club Penguin will NEVER ask for your password, and do not enter your username/password information on fansites or forums. Only enter your password on the official Club Penguin ( or Miniclip ( webpage.

2. Use a secure password.

The best way to keep your account is safe is to have a secure password. All passwords in Club Penguin are cAsE sEnSiTiVe. This means there is a difference between using an uppercase letter or a lowercase letter. For example, the password “apple” is not the same as “Apple”. It is also a good idea to use a combination of numbers in your password as this will add another level of security (ASCII & punctuation symbols not supported.) Create a password that is longer than 8 letters, contains both upper and lower case lettering as well as numbers.

Example of an unsafe password: bubblegum
Why it is unsafe: The password “bubblegum” is a really common word and fairly easy to guess.

Example of a secure password: Bubble07Gum03
Why it is secure: This password still uses bubblegum, but in a different way. Notice the 'b' and the 'g' are both uppercase. The numbers 07 after “Bubble” and 03 after “Gum” makes the password harder for people to guess. It's still fairly easy to remember, since '07' is just the year (2007) and '03' could represent either your birthday, or your favorite month.

2. DO NOT save your username/password information on a public computer.

Although the username/password save feature is very handy, it is not a good idea to use this on computers that are public. This includes computers found at school, at internet cafes, and in public places (airports, hotels, restaurants, etc). Sometimes it is best not to save the information on a friend's computer, or the computer of a family relative. Only use the feature on computers that you use most often, so that means your own personal computer or one you use frequently at home.

3. NEVER trade accounts.

There are a lot of penguins who like to ask other penguins to “trade accounts”. This is a very bad idea and goes against the #1 rule to keeping your penguin account safe: NEVER share your password! These penguins cannot help you earn a million coins in 5 minutes. It's just not worth it to trade. First of all, if they use a third party program (a “hack”) to get you the items, your penguin will get banned for it. Using coin cheats to get more coins will also result in your penguin getting banned. Basically no matter what they do on your penguin, it will usually result in your account getting banned, and sometimes even banned Forever. Don't risk your penguin with trades and report penguins that ask for your password to Club Penguin moderators.

4. Coins do not fall from trees.

There is no easy way to get coins. Sorry folks, there just isn't. Coin cheats can be detected and accounts caught using coin cheats WILL be banned and all their coins removed. There is no super glitch to earn you 1 million coins in 5 minutes, so don't believe penguins who ask to trade passwords so that they can help you earn the coins. It doesn't work and it will result in your penguin account getting banned, even if you weren't the one responsible for getting the coins. The best way to earn coins is to play games. Sometimes, there are even secrets in the game that makes it easier to earn coins. For example, if you go through all the levels of Jet Pack without touching a single coin, you actually earn 1000! And if you know which corner to crash at while playing Cart Surfer, you can maximize your earning potential. Don't fall for the “free coins” scam and keep your password secret.

Made by: Pendragon (CP Staff)
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